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Pastoral Landscapes Calendar

Paintings of the 20th century by different artists depicting rural settings, when horses were the means of transport and human life was closely linked with nature.

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  • Pastoral Landscapes Calendar
  • Pastoral Landscapes Calendar
  • Pastoral Landscapes Calendar
  • Pastoral Landscapes Calendar
  • Pastoral Landscapes Calendar
  • Pastoral Landscapes Calendar
  • Pastoral Landscapes Calendar
  • Pastoral Landscapes Calendar
  • Pastoral Landscapes Calendar
  • Pastoral Landscapes Calendar
  • Pastoral Landscapes Calendar
  • Pastoral Landscapes Calendar
  • Pastoral Landscapes Calendar
Design Code: PC460
Size: 494mm x 350mm
Advert area: 60mm x 328mm

This enchanting calendar makes no excuse for its dip into nostalgia. With a palette of golden hues and soft tones, the artists take us on a journey to the rural Britain of our fore-fathers.

Travelling up and down the country, the paintings move from an expanse of moorland to an intimate country stream and across wide open fields. In each one, the artist captures the season with depth and feeling. The ice and snow in ‘Winter Lodging’ by Joe Hush is just one example – so realistic it’s hard to suppress a shiver!

The Pastoral Landscapes Calendar is a gentle title that brings together the considerable talents of a group of artists. Perfect for those who love the countryside and enjoy Britain’s heritage.

Your Advert

All of our calendars have an area, either above (wall calendars) or below (desk calendars) the pictures where your advert is printed.

Your advert is on view and working for you all day, all year, so it’s vital that it promotes your business in a way that is personal to your customers, and most effective to you.

Our products include printing your advert in one of our standard colours, of which there are 11 to choose from for most calendars. It is possible to have more than one colour, 4 colours and also match to your corporate pantone colours. Please ask us for a quotation.

We have over 105 years of experience in knowing what works in customers’ adverts, so let us help you to create the best advert for your company. Here are some tips:

  • Choose an uncluttered layout, less is often more.
  • Include your contact details and website.
  • Use colours for impact and brand recognition, but remember that restrained use of colour often works best.
  • Design your advert to complement your chosen calendar style.
  • Show the services or products your business provides.
  • Promote your brand and USPs
  • Add trade association membership and certification logos or accreditations if appropriate

Size guidelines for advert area can be found near to the products you are interested in.

Mix & Match

By choosing calendars from the same ‘Mix & Match’ group, it is possible to add quantities together so that you benefit from the bulk quantity price. Essentially calendars of the same size can be purchased together, at the same time enabling you to take advantage of different subject matter.

For example, you could order 25 of one design and 75 of another, as long as the 2 designs are in the same Mix & Match category. This works particularly well for customers who wish to segment their customer base and send out a variety of different designs to these segments.

The minimum order quantity for any one type of calendar would be 25 units of one design.

View more calendars from Mix & Match E

Your calendars are personal to you. Besides your advertisement, it is possible to enhance your calendars further with additions to make your product really stand out and make a long lasting impression on your clients. We now offer the opportunity to enhance the communication in your calendar, by adding a personalised cover or additional page to the range of pictorial titles*.

New digital technology in place gives you the chance to show your clients the people, products and services that make your company special. And because it’s digital, you have complete flexibility to express yourself and remain extremely cost-effective on shorter print runs at the same time.

For maximum impact of your promotional tool, we offer various ways of further enhancing your calendars. A bespoke cover is an excellent way to give your promotional calendar that extra personal touch and remind customers and prospects of your company branding.

It can contain a number of your own images and your company logo – we are able to offer a selection of layouts for you to choose from. Once you have supplied the picture files and your company logo, we will provide a full colour proof of your calendar cover.

A bespoke interleaf is an excellent way to show customers and prospects the attributes that make your company an integral part in the success of their business.

A custom interleaf after your stock or bespoke cover provides the room for you to develop the recipient’s appreciation of what your company has to offer them.

Bring your unique selling proposition, experience and abilities to every calendar user, reinforcing your communication with full colour images of your company’s operations, equipment, products and staff.

*Bespoke covers available for calendars in the following print groups: A + B, C, F and G.

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