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Contact: 01206 844500

How To Supply Digital Artwork

Your artwork is a vital piece of the process in producing your calendar. We are here to help, and are happy to work with you to help you to supply artwork which we can use to create your calendars quickly, effectively and most importantly correctly.

All the prices quoted are subject to the artwork supplied being satisfactory for our use. Additional charges will be incurred for any additional work we have to do to make your design printable.

Any delay in supplying artwork may affect your required delivery date.

If you have any queries about supplying your artwork, please contact our artwork department by email: [email protected]


Please check to see that your pictures will fit the appropriate template for both size and shape. Pictures will need to be either all portrait or all landscape in format, depending on the design and layout of the calendar you have chosen.

Images taken using a Digital Camera

For best results use a digital camera with a minimum of 5 mega pixels and set the picture resolution/quality to its highest or its largest setting. Low resolution/small images may print poorly. Please also name and make clear which of the files to use and where.


Acrobat PDF is the preferred file format for receipt of print ready artwork. All fonts must be embedded in the document and the resolution high enough for print quality output. Any file editing on PDFs will be charged extra.

We use the following professional graphic applications: Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, Indesign CC, Acrobat 2021 and QuarkXpress 2015.

Image quality

Bitmapped images such as photos & some logos should have a minimum resolution of 300 pixels per inch (PPI) at the size they are to be reproduced. A resolution less than this and any required enlargements may make the images look jagged and poor quality.

Digital Print Colours

Digitally produced print uses Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black to reproduce all printable colours. If a spot colour is specified, a CMYK equivalent conversion will be printed, which may differ slightly. Any tints used should be no less than 5% of solid otherwise they may not appear on the final print.


Any required fonts must be supplied with artwork. Alternatively if text does not need to be edited it can be converted to outlines or curves.

Files can be supplied to us by email (if up to 5Mb in size), or sent via WeTransfer or equivalent.

If possible, provide us with a good quality print-out of your data so that we can ensure that what you send us matches your requirements.

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