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Mix and Match

By choosing calendars from the same 'Mix & Match' group, it is possible to add quantities together so that you benefit from the bulk quantity price. Essentially calendars of the same size can be purchased together, at the same time enabling you to take advantage of different subject matter.

For example, you could order 25 of one design and 75 of another, as long as the 2 designs are in the same Mix & Match category. This works particularly well for customers who wish to segment their customer base and send out a variety of different designs to these segments.

Alternatively you can mix and match titles outside the same print group and obtain the bulk rate on all pictorial multi-sheet calendars, but will incur a plate charge for the cost of different artwork and a machine set up.

The minimum order quantity for any one type of calendar would be 25 units of one design. Please click on the icons below for information on which titles fall within each Mix & Match Group.

Mix and Match A
Mix and Match A-PS
Mix and Match C
Mix and Match C-PS
Mix and Match E
Mix and Match F
Mix and Match G
Mix and Match H
Mix and Match J
Mix and Match K
Mix and Match L
Mix and Match M
Mix and Match N
Mix and Match O
Mix and Match O-NS
Mix and Match O-TS
Mix and Match O-PL

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