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Bespoke Calendars

Why not personalise your calendar and create a greater impact with a Bespoke Calendar that's completely unique to your company? Promote your own products, services, launches or events with cost-effective personalised calendars.

Let us guide you through the process from start to finish, helping you to source images, design your calendar and choose materials. We'll make available our great in-house facilities, technology and expertise at every step of the way. Minimum print quantities do apply for personalised business calendars, but calendars can none the less be very effective for your business promotion.

Alternatively you can choose to enhance an existing Rose calendar design, adding your own personalised front cover and extra pages from over 50 Rose Calendar titles. This gives you scope to promote your own specialities and give maximum impact to your message.

We offer three options for personalising your calendar to your specific needs to create your Bespoke Calendar:

Tailor-Made (or semi-bespoke)

  • Uses stock templates and images with customer's own inset images
  • Portrait Option (Memo)
  • Landscape Option (Pad)
  • 10 calendar image sets available
  • 3 sizes
  • Bespoke elements e.g. inset image and logo on cover footer


  • Can be highly customised
  • Can use own artwork for complete design
  • Personalised cover option
  • Interleaf option
  • Own photo or stock photos (including stock photo set mixes)
  • Own colour date pad option
  • Own typeface (corporate font) option
  • Own size (within guidelines for cost-effectiveness)
  • Existing designs adapted to customer requirements
  • Can start calendar any month or have 18 month calendar


  • Personalised cover using template option
  • Personalised cover own design option
  • Interleaf or extra pages

Please contact us to discuss any of these possibilities further.