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Photographers' Guidelines

We publish high-quality pictorial calendars for the business-to-business promotional calendar market. We have two calendar collections of over 150 different titles.

We are always open to reviewing for new and different content. If you feel that you could offer us high quality images, please contact our Publishing Department in the first instance via email with your submission for review.

Our selections commence in January and continue until October, but please note that we do work more than a year in advance.

For our scenic titles we work from high quality digital capture which needs to be from high-resolution professional cameras and lenses. The exact locations of each image must be known.

We also have photographic titles covering classic cars and modern supercars and would expect the photographers to have a detailed knowledge of each car. Exterior, detail and interior images are of interest, together with the technical specifications of each vehicle.

Glamour titles are compiled from professional quality digital files. Model releases are expected.

For digital submissions preference will be given to those supplied at the full capture resolution. Please indicate the camera used if not in metadata. Please do not use illegal characters in filenames and keep them short.

The file metadata should contain full location and/or an image description. It is important that the correct and current county/region is specified. When we select calendars, images are searched for in our database by county or region. If this information is not in your file, your image will not be found for selection purposes. Files provided without location details or at low resolution will not be reviewed.

Images will never be used without clearance from the source first.

Qualifying submissions will be added to our digital resource for use in future years. When sending subsequent submissions only send files not previously supplied.

For any further information please contact the Publishing Manager

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