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Calendar Postage Advice

Important information for posting your calendars.

The way in which Royal Mail categorises and prices postal items has been updated. In order to get the best rates Rose Calendars use an Online Business Account (OBA). We have worked hard to discover the most efficient and cost effective way of posting our products and would like to introduce this to you via this simple guide.

Overview and how to get started.

In this guide, we will deal mainly with the posting of calendar-sized products, although if you set up a business account you can send your own mail in the same way and take advantage of any relevant cost savings.

As a business user we recommend you set up an OBA. The only decision you need to make is whether you think you will send more or less than 1,000 packages/parcels per year in total.

So how does it work?

Calendar Postage Guide

You set up an OBA by following our simple guide, during which a direct-debit will be set up, you print an invoice each time you post, and can keep a copy for your records (if you will be spending more than £5,000 per year ask during the OBA process about the facility for a Credit Account).

During this process you will be set up with a PPI (Postage Paid Impression) file which is a postage logo containing your OBA detail that goes on the outside of your package.

When you send your packages, you print your PPI onto a label and stick it to the outside of each package. Once that day's post is complete you fill in an online sheet detailing how many of each size parcel you are sending and print it out.

You take your packages and the sheet to the Post Office (a collection service is available, please see Royal Mail website for costs), who send you an invoice at the end of the month and collect payment via Direct Debit.

Setting up an OBA

1.Telephone Royal Mail on 08457 950950.

2. At their recorded message, select Option 1 on your keypad for "Business”, then wait until you are presented with further options and select Option 4.

3. Once the phone is answered, confirm that you are speaking to the "Business Advice Department”.

4. Tell them you "wish to set up an Online Business Account”

5. They will ask "how many items will you be sending per year?”

6. If it is more than 1,000 they will recommend the Royal Mail 24/48 service, if less, then the 1st/2nd Class service.

7. They will ask for your phone number so that a sales agent can call you to set up the OBA.

8. When the agent calls, tell them you wish to set up an OBA and the number of items you think you will be sending per year.

9. The agent will set up the OBA and provide you with details of your PPI, they should also talk you through the process of posting.

10. They will also help you set up a direct-debit to allow them to invoice you and take payment at the end of each month. (If you are spending over £5,000 annually with them, you could apply for credit, although terms may apply).

On the day of posting

1. Address your packages in the normal way

2. Sort the packages into the relevant sizes:

Letter (up to 100g)

Large Letter (up to 750g)

Parcel/Packet (up to 1kg)

3. Print out the PPI labels and affix them to the packages.

4. Fill in the Online Business Account form.

5. Take the form and the packages to the post office.

Click the guide image above in the 'So how does it work?' section to download a PDF of our information on economic calendar posting.

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