Social Sharing Facts (and Figures!)

Social Sharing

We have shared in the past some of the science behind sharing to enable you to boost a social media campaign, but there are lots of interesting facts about social media users that you might like to know to make your online efforts reach even more people!

Types of Sharer

Professionals – Business types that use social media for sharing – they love LinkedIn.

Hipsters – Young, creative, and popular people that don’t use emails to share content.

Altruists – Share what they think is useful to specific people via email.

Geeks – Considerate, careful, and resourceful, and using a variety of platforms to share content.

Socialites – Express their personal thoughts and organise their offline lives with social media, mostly using Facebook and Twitter.


Reasons People Share

94% share something because it is either good value or entertaining

84% share content that promotes good causes

78% share content that will help cement relationships with peers

69% share content because it makes them feel good

68% share content that helps identify who they are


How Individuals Share

94% use Facebook and Instagram

54% use Twitter and YouTube


How Executives Share

90% of executives check their emails on a regular basis

68% have no social media presence whatsoever, those that do choose LinkedIn


How Companies Share

Facebook – over 1 million business have integrated with this social media platform

Twitter – it is a fact that 67% of Twitter users are more likely to buy from brands they follow


Social Media Facts You Might Want To Share

85% of people feel more connected to a brand or business they follow through social media

80% of Pinterest users are female and half of them have children

Over 150 million people use Instagram

In the US more people access content through YouTube than through Cable TV

So now you know! Why don’t you impress your contacts by sharing some of this information with them?


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