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Contact: 01206 844500

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Wall Calendar Adverts

All of our promotional calendars have an area, either above (wall calendars) or below (desk calendars) the pictures where your advert is printed.

Desk Calendar Adverts

Your advert is on view and working for you all day, all year, so it's vital that it promotes your business in a way that is personal to your customers, and most effective to you.

Our products include printing your advert in one of our standard colours, of which there are 11 to choose from for most business calendars. It is possible to have more than one colour, 4 colours, and also match to your corporate Pantone colours. Please ask us for a quotation. NB: Enhanced desks and mini desks offer full colour advert as standard.

We have over 110 years of experience in knowing what works in customers' adverts, so let us help you to create the best advert for your company. Here are some tips:

Size guidelines for any product's advert area can be found in sidebar and Information tab on the product page.

Top Selling Calendars

Some of our most popular advertising calendars this year