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Pallets Recycled into Picket Fencing, Bug Hotels and Kindling

Unwanted pallets from our factory have been recycled by local charity Sailship, creating picket fencing, bug hotels and kindling. Read about the story of a piece of waste ground has been turned into a haven for growing vegetables and providing opportunities for young adults with learning disabilities.

Shrove Tuesday – it’s not just all about the Pancakes!

5th March is Pancake Day or Shrove Tuesday. People will enjoy a final fling before the forty days of Lent begin, celebrating with traditions as diverse as pancake tossing, skipping, crazy ball games and exotic carnivals. Crowds of revelers will flock to carnivals in Rio, New Orleans, Venice and a host of other cities, joining in the fun with music, dancing, colourful costumes and parades.

Why is Christmas Day on 25 December?

On 25 December more than a third of the world’s population will celebrate Christmas Day. But this is not the only date on which the birth of Christ is remembered. In many eastern countries people will celebrate Christmas on 7 January, while in Armenia the date will be 6 January.
So why do we celebrate on 25 December and what are the reasons for the different dates for Christmas?