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Notepads FAQs

Can I have my company logo printed on a notepad?

We offer a full range of notepads and notebooks where your company logo or artwork can be printed on the cover. Choose from a variety of designs, sizes and formats from A5 wirobound, up to A4 hard backed styles.

What is the minimum order for notepads?

Our minimum order is for 25 units of any one style.

How quickly can I get my order of notepads?

We are able to turn orders around quickly, so from receipt of your artwork, we can often deliver within 12 working days.

What are the various options for the styles/designs?

Choose from:

Can I use my own corporate colour on the cover of a notebook?

With our Infinite Colour options, you can specify the CMYK values of your branding and we can print the background colour of your notebook to match.

Could I add insert pages into my notebooks?

Yes, these can be added to the front and back of our casebound notebooks and wirobound notebooks. This creates the perfect solution if you need a promotional product with special information unique to your event or company.

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