The Psychology Behind Social Media Marketing


If you want to get ahead in marketing your products or services via social media, you need to understand the science of sharing. We take a look at what sharing means and how you can use this to make your followers want to tell their followers about you!

The Science of Sharing

There are two things at work in the human brain when it comes to deciding whether to share something or not. The first is an area of the brain called the Temporal Parietal Junction (TPJ). This part of the brain is associated with empathy and is activated when we consider whether or not to share something (a thought, idea, or information) with other people.

Research has shown that it isn’t the quality of the information or imagery that our brain considers before sharing, it is whether we think others might enjoy it. It is closely connected with intuition and understanding. If we perceive that the information or imagery is something our peers would find useful or enjoy, we are more likely to share it.

The other factor involved in sharing is something called Social Proof. We often rely on the fact that others have already decided it is worth sharing and therefore we will share it too.

Applying these principles to Social Media Marketing

Understanding what makes us share makes it easier to create a social media campaign that others will be compelled to share.

1: Know what your demographic want

Take time to understand your target market so that you can give them something they immediately relate to. This will trigger a response in the TPJ, and they will be more likely to share.

2: Be honest to gain trust

If followers trust you, they are more likely to validate your product or service, which is social proof to others that you are a company to trust. To build trust be open and honest in all your social media communication, even if responding to a negative situation.

3: Understand why people share

People share for a range of reasons:

– To define their identity
– To nourish relationships
– To promote causes
–  For self fulfilment
–  For value and entertainment

By understanding that all of these factors work as a whole, you should be able to boost your social media success!


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