100 Years of Combined Service

At the end of last year Rose Calendars took the opportunity to celebrate long service awards for three of our staff, who between them have contributed 100 years with the company.

Marketing Manager Elizabeth Rose joined the company in 2001 and marked her twenty years of service in October 2021. Elizabeth took on responsibility for the Yellow Pages advertising placed across the country, before websites were so important in advertising calendars. With over 47 directories, these adverts provided a source of enquiry for potential customers. Elizabeth is also responsible for liaison with our sales agents located around the UK, organising annual conferences every year until this sadly ended during the 2020 lockdown. She is now joint Marketing Manager within the company working on content, brochures, exhibitions, social media and PR, as well as customer relations, continuing to liaise with sales agents, despite there being no conferences.

Elizabeth was surprised to learn that she had been with the company for twenty years. She hadn’t realised she’d been working at Rose Calendars so long! Managing Director Michael Rose touched on how it’s not always easy working together as husband and wife and referred to this when he presented Elizabeth with a certificate, flowers and a gift voucher to mark her service. Saying “he was allowed to kiss this member of staff, but he wouldn’t take such a liberty or risk with any other member (due to Covid)” he apologised to Elizabeth for having to put up with him!

Michael then moved on to Christine Taylor and Julie May, who both celebrated 40 years each in the business. The sisters have worked together for many years but this was not always the case. Christine was the first to begin her employment at the old site in Kendall Road in July 1974. She then left the firm in 1981, being replaced by sister Julie who covered the work in the bindery where all our calendars are bound and finished. Christine then returned to work for us in 1988, and as a combination of the two periods has actually worked at Rose Calendars the same amount of time as Julie.

What an incredible and loyal achievement for these women! Without their dedication and support in the business, Rose Calendars would not be the family firm it has become today. We are lucky to have a number of staff who have been in the company for a great number of years and we enjoy celebrating and marking their achievements.

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