Promotional Calendars Awarded a Warrant from the Worshipful Company of Stationers’

Yesterday Rose Calendars were proud to be awarded an esteemed Stationers’ Warrant for our range of promotional business calendars. This recognition highlights over a century of experience, demonstrating quality and sustainability. We were complimented on fully meeting the criteria using sustainable methods including Carbon Captured paper, solar power generated from the panels on the roof of our factory, carbon neutral deliveries and vegetable based inks.

The 2024 Stationers’ Company Warrants were bestowed upon ten recipients, celebrating their dedication to design, manufacturing, and sustainability. Companies from the publishing, printing and manufacturing industries gathered at a prestigious event held at The Stationers’ Hall in London and were awarded by the Master Tony Marsh.

These warrants, established in 2014, symbolize excellence across various industries, highlighting original design, high-quality manufacturing, sustainability, and sector relevance. They provide a prestigious platform to showcase quality offerings and differentiate within the market.

The Stationers’ Company originated in 1403 when scribes and illuminators of manuscripts petitioned to be allowed to join in a single company with a warden each to oversee their affairs. The company was created to protect the integrity of printed materials, and to prevent piracy or fake manuscripts. Permitted publications had to be entered into the Hall registers with printers being forced to join the company.

A livery was granted in 1560 and the hall where The Stationers’ Company is based, was purchased in 1606. It was however burnt down in the Great Fire and rebuilt in 1673. It sustained damage in the air raids of 1940 when the ceiling was destroyed, however a beautifully carved fireplace and mantel together with impressive stained glass windows remain intact.

Today The Worshipful Company of Stationers and Newspaper Makers is the City of London livery company for the communications and content industries and we are delighted to hold such an accolade, the benefits of which can be passed to businesses using calendars for marketing, demonstrating the important role of calendars within the communications industry.

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