How To Keep Customers By Giving Corporate Calendars

Corporate Calendars
According to research on customer service facts “On average, a company loses between 10% – 30% of its customers every year.”  With this in mind, we thought you might like to know how you can keep them – and how Rose Calendars can help!

It is important to consider the science of sharing, and also refer to research done by Dr. Cialdini, psychologist and best selling author of Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, which teaches us that people have a natural disposition to respond when they are given something, and that those who receive are likely to respond by giving something back.

Promotional gifts are one such gift that can be given, and as long as the message and timing is right, you’ll get the response you are after – more business!

Tip 1 – Give ethical gifts

Responsibly sourced gifts promote a sense of trust, compassion and responsibility. Our advertising calendars are printed on sustainably sourced paper in the UK and our mailing cartons are produced using recycled board. All our calendars include recycling instructions so others can recycle our products once they have finished using them.


Tip 2 – Give a useful gift

A promotional gift that is actually useful rather than flashy or disposable is going to be genuinely appreciated, warmly welcomed, and most importantly used by the recipient. Calendars are one such useful gift, and guaranteed to be in use every day. A promotional calendar with your business message and contact details on is therefore guaranteed to be in view every day!


Tip 3 – Give a gift that will be enjoyed

Another way to please someone is to give a gift that is pleasing in some way. The images we use in our promotional calendar collection feature photographs of wildlife, nature, extreme sports, landscapes and transport as well as illustrated humorous cartoons and paintings of special interest subjects.


Tip 4 – Give the gift at an appropriate time

Timing is everything, and while gift giving is big at Christmas, which is also the perfect time for giving a calendar, you can also choose to start a Rose Calendar on any month. Whether it is to coincide with a trade show, the start of the financial year, or the academic year – giving a promotional calendar during the year can be a quirky surprise that captures the attention of customers and clients!

For more information about our promotional calendars, give us a call on 01206 844500 or complete our online enquiry form.

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