Kindness Day

Kindness Day is a nationally recognised day for the celebration of kindness in society and day-to-day life, inspired by Kindness UK to mark acts of kindness or initiatives by individuals and organisations to unite people. It’s celebrated this year on 13th November, and what better time to be kind than mid-lockdown, while we are all missing human contact and kindness in our everyday lives.


As many find themselves working from home at the moment, why not take the chance to send your work colleagues a kindness email showing your appreciation for their hard work. Or create an award this year, to be repeated annually on Kindness Day to someone who has shown great kindness or done a good deed that was inspiring. You could offer Kindness Day discounts, extras or ‘freebies’ to your clients and really make the most of this commercial opportunity.

Past acts of kindness have included the handing out of 10,000 free chocolate bars at London Train stations and the encouragement of a Text Wave that swept the UK. Kindness Scotland put on ‘Kind Kid Awards’ and across the globe for World Kindness Day, The Singapore Kindness Movement gave out 30,000 Gerberas and World Kindness Australia conducted an enormous Kindness Hug on Bondi Beach.

Make a difference this year with your own personal or corporate kind gesture and show people you care.

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