Spooky Bones This Halloween

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Things are weirdly co-incidental and slightly spooky at Rose Calendars in the build up to Halloween………!

We caught up with 2 guys who work in our type-setting department, as we couldn’t help but be amused by the irony of the names at this time of year. Not only do we have a Mr Stephen Bone, but opposite we have a Mr Stephen Bones, and they both do the same job. We have had to name them ‘Steve 1’ and ‘Steve 2’ to help us distinguish between them, and the similarities don’t end with the name.

Steve Bones for Halloween

The first similarity is that both Steves have been married to someone called Carol, and by complete chance, the men also share the same middle name of ‘John’ but this seems to be where the similarities end. Steve 1 is Aquarius, has two years in age on his counterpart, and has worked at Rose Calendars for 5 years, whereas Steve 2 is Taurus and will have been at the business for 2 years in January.

Completely by chance, both Steve Bone and Bones bought the same single in 1970 as their first record. Dave Edmunds “I hear you knocking” is engrained in their hearts, and they share a love of music but with completely different tastes.

The spooky co-incidences seem to keep on coming, as the two Bones often speak of liking the same films and their lives crossing paths in many ways. Who knows what else we might discover which is related to our infamous Bones boys this Halloween……….


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